We are working together to meet the new product development and testing needs of our global aerospace customers.

MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace companies from around the world are transforming today’s advanced flight platforms through the development of new bearing technologies as well as dramatic improvements in existing components.

Meeting the need for improved bearing system performance through an integrated, customer-centered approach

Our mission is to develop cost-effective, fit-for-purpose products and solutions that deliver valuable performance improvements on behalf of our customers. Our teams of application engineers, who are knowledgeable about bearing design and production, provide full bearing engineering support direct to customers.

Leading the test plan development and implementation process are highly skilled product development and test engineers who understand bearing engineering, test protocol design, test rig design/build, testing, data analysis, and project management.

Recently, we’ve expanded test capabilities for landing gear and helicopter applications and achieved a high degree of technical readiness in high speed rolling element bearing testing for main shaft and gearbox applications.

The development of specialized capabilities is guided by our customers’ real-world application challenges

We provide comprehensive product development and testing support for aerospace manufacturers—all the way to commercialization.

Our labs validate the performance of a complete bearing assembly, at full scale, under the specified operating conditions in a wide range of applications.

Such breadth enables us to partner with customers throughout the bearing system design and development process—from the earliest stages of prototype design to the final stages of qualification testing and commercialization.

Aircraft subsystems covered by full-scale testing:

  • Aero engine mainshafts and gearboxes
  • Auxiliary power units
  • Landing gear
  • Helicopter rotor subassemblies
  • Airframe control actuation systems

A global resource for bearing performance validation testing.

With R&D and test facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, we’re bringing the knowledge and insight of all MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace companies to bear on customer-specific problems and challenges. Our new product development centers are continually refining testing capabilities in lockstep with the needs of the industry.

Our specialized capabilities will continue to grow and mature as the knowledge and insight of all MinebeaMitsumi companies are brought to bear on customer-specific problems and challenges.

Our product development process is defined by TRL, a reliable roadmap to proven solutions

Technical Readiness Level (TRL) is a system created by NASA to define the development pathway of technological advancements. We have adopted TRL as a method for developing suitable test protocols as well as benchmarking our capabilities.

Our testing capabilities extend from aerospace industry standards to customer-defined parameters, and we’re proficient at all modes of testing— elemental testing (TRL 2-3), accelerated endurance (subscale) testing (TRL 4-6), and full-scale qualification testing (TRL 7).

We’re always on the lookout for that next technology to transform the flight platforms of tomorrow.

MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace engineers pay close attention to technological trends, because the newest exotic material, unique coating, or proprietary lubricant could lead to a breakthrough in performance. When a promising new solution comes along, our product development engineers work closely with specialized suppliers to integrate the innovation into new bearing designs.

Key focus areas include:

  • Adoption of hybrid ceramic bearings into critical aero-engine applications
  • Advanced manufacturing methods and technologies, including additive manufacturing
  • Self-lubricating liner technology
  • Smart bearing systems to predict and detect the onset of failure
  • New materials to handle increasingly demanding environments