Stator Segment

3D printed components manufactured from a wide range of advanced materials. Complex, durable parts at lower net costs.

Rod End Bearing with INVINSYS Liner System and Wear Sensor

Highly complex assemblies and products featuring integrated components from across the MinebeaMitsumi Group of companies.

Standard Rod End Bearing

Mil-Spec, Boeing, and Airbus approvals for airframe control ball bearings, bushings, rod end bearings, and spherical bearings.

Duplex Airframe Control Ball Bearing

Standard, precision, and customized designs qualified to AS7949 and customer specifications.

Complex Ball Bearing with Squirrel Cage

Specialized, complex, and custom solutions in a wide array of designs—m&i, medium/large diameter, thin section, precision subassemblies, and more.

spline Head Bolt

Standard and specialized products, including high strength titanium bolts, nuts, recessed screws, and custom pin fasteners, engineered for quality and durability.

Machined Part

Parts of almost any size, complexity and material, produced globally for greater flexibility in outsourcing production.

Pintle Bearing

Standard, specialized and fully custom rod end, spherical and sleeve bearings. Plus advanced self-lubricating liner solutions and precision next-up assemblies.

Customer-focused design innovation:
For performance and manufacture.

From project launch through post-production commercialization, our New Product Development Center (NPDC) is an invaluable partner at every stage of the process. Its specialized capabilities continue to expand and evolve through technology investments driven by our customers’ real-world needs.