Machined Parts

The in-house capabilities and resources to design, engineer and manufacture machined parts of almost any size and complexity — providing customers located anywhere in the world with a flexible and cost-effective outsource solution. 

Durable, high quality parts at lower net cost. 

Streamline your supply chain, vendor base and manufacturing costs. MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace companies will engineer, precision-machine and finish parts to your exacting specifications.

Machined parts of almost any size and complexity.

The manufacturing capabilities of MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace companies have exceptional range. It covers everything from small precision components less than an inch to huge, difficult-to-machine parts measuring several feet and weighing up to 17,000 pounds. 

Specialized Market Segments and Applications

Our products are used in a wide range of mechanical subsystems, a few of which are highlighted here:

  • Blisk
  • Disk Load Reduction Assembly
  • Engine Mount
  • Fuel Nozzle
  • Thrust Reverser Actuation System
  • Turbine Disk
  • Variable Bleed Valve System

Engines, Gearboxes and Transmissions

  • Aileron
  • High Lift Assembly
  • Inboard Flap
  • Stabilizer Trim Actuator
  • Hydraulic Control

Flight Control Systems and Fuselage

  • Retractor
  • Shock Strut
  • Steering Trunnion
  • Up/Down Lock

Landing Gear

  • Blade Retention Fitting
  • Damper Actuator
  • Pitch Control Assembly
  • Scissor Drive
  • Swash Plate
  • Drive Shaft

Rotorcraft and VTOL

Need more details on machined parts?

Connect with a MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace product specialist to learn about the diverse materials, proprietary technologies, and special processes we offer.

High precision manufacturing with consistent quality.

With sophisticated capabilities in nearly every facet of manufacturing - and locations in Asia, Europe, and North America - MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace companies are delivering the right products and solutions with unwavering consistency and quality — no matter where you are in the world. We manufacture machined parts at these divisions:

C&A Tool

Churubusco, IN  USA

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Mach Aero

Paris, France

Bangalore, India

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Minebea Precision

Tokyo, Japan

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Fastener Division

Fujisawa, Japan

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Rod End Division

Karuizawa, Japan

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Rodend Bearing Division

Lop Buri, Thailand

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