March 4, 2021
Mach Aero’s manufacturing campus in Bangalore, India

Mach Aero to manufacture complex machined parts for a European customer at its Bangalore facility.

Operating a factory in India with advanced manufacturing capabilities is enabling Mach Aero to provide additional value by supporting its customers’ efforts to gain greater access to one of the largest and fastest-growing aerospace markets in the world today.

One of Mach Aero’s aerospace customers recently awarded the French outfit a contract to manufacture complex, machined aero-engine components. Each component is a critical piece of a complex assembly located within the hot section. The parts will be made of an exotic alloy whose improved high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance provides superb durability and reliability. Their production specifications call for high-precision tolerances and advanced production techniques.

During the product development and prototyping phase, Mach Aero demonstrated that it could easily manage the project’s advanced manufacturing capabilities at its India facility. This outcome provided the added benefit of enabling their customer to satisfy the terms of India’s offset policy, which stipulates that OEMs must source domestically a certain percentage of the components on aircraft sold in India.

The plan is for Mach Aero to receive rough forgings from a customer-qualified third party. It will then execute a full sequence of high-precision secondary operations. Five-axis grinding, brazing of a complex-patterned surface, and tac welding are some of the customer-approved processes involved. After Mach Aero inspects each part per a Nadcap-certified special process, the finished components will be shipped to the customer in complete sets, ready for assembly and installation.

Established in 2007, Mach Aero’s manufacturing campus in Bangalore encompasses three buildings, over 80,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and approximately 200 workers. The site holds an EN 9100 certification and a Nadcap accreditation for Nondestructive Testing (NDT). Engineering, high-precision machining, assembly, surface treatment, and inspection are some of the production activities that take place there.

As a strategic partner to leading aerospace companies, Mach Aero specializes in designing, testing, and manufacturing complex, high-precision plain bearings and machined commercial and military aircraft components. Mach Aero operates manufacturing locations in France and India and specializes in precision grinding of spherical bearings, high precision grinding and machining, product development and customization, and bearing performance testing under specific temperature and load. Established in 1962, Mach Aero joined the MinebeaMitsumi Group in 2017.