March 29, 2021
myonic is awarded a sustainability certificate.

myonic’s recycling initiatives earn the MinebeaMitsumi Group Company recognition for its commitment to environmental protection.

On March 29, myonic GmbH announced it had recently received a sustainability certificate from its recycling service company, REMONDIS, for demonstrating exceptional management of resources and a proven contribution to climate protection.

For years, myonic has conducted its environmental management system according to the internally accepted standard ISO 14001. The company believes that consequential recycling of raw materials and waste streams plays a vital role in the global protection of resources and the environment and the company.

Some of the new recycling measures myonic has implemented recently include replacing plastic filling material with recyclable corrugated cardboard, utilizing re-usable packaging instead of buying disposable packaging, separating waste, and avoiding waste by using operating supplies for a longer period (oils, lubricants, cleaning agents).

myonic is an international industrial company with branch offices in Germany and the Czech Republic. Since 2009, the company has been a part of the Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group. With over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of precision miniature ball bearings, myonic provides various products and services for advanced technologies in the aerospace, automotive, machine tool, and medical/dental industries. The company's success stems from the capability, efficiency, and know-how of its employees, who share a fascination for details, precision, and quality.