Bringing Excellence Together

MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace is committed to delivering the right products and solutions, no matter where in the world you are. Whether you need a high-quality standard product, a customized assembly, or a truly innovative solution, we can help you take your project from idea to successful launch. Our international team of highly trained sales and product specialists serves as your expert connection to the highly developed engineering, manufacturing, and new product development capabilities of our worldwide network of aerospace manufacturers. Before you begin your next project, contact MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace, the global brand that’s bringing excellence together.

Engineering comprehensive solutions to rigorous performance specifications.

Specialized solutions for sophisticated aircraft platforms.

Expert design/manufacture of high-precision components and advanced solutions — meeting the challenging requirements of aircraft subsystems.

  • Engines, Gearboxes and Transmissions
  • Auxiliary Mechanical Systems
  • Flight Control Systems and Fuselage
  • Landing Gear
  • Rotorcraft and VTOL
  • Space and  Satellite
  • eVTOL and ePlane

A customer-facing innovation team-at your continual service.

Today’s ever-evolving flight platforms require the adoption of new technologies — along with dramatic improvements in existing components. We are committed to creating solutions that deliver transformative performance improvements.

World-class manufacturing with a global footprint.

A group of  specialized brands in Asia, Europe and North America, delivering the right products and solutions, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Commitment to the Environment

The 14 factories operating under the MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace umbrella are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, including decarbonization.